Python 3 and Leather Data Visualization

Learn nuts and bolts of Python 3, Raspberry Pi Setup, Jupyter Notebook, and Data Visualization with Leather.

What you’ll learn:

  • Arrangement Python on Windows
  • Arrangement Raspberry Pi
  • Introduce Jupyter Notebook
  • Brief voyage through IDLE and Jupyter Notebook
  • Information Visualization with Leather


  • Windows PC/Raspberry Pi with Internet Connection
  • Energy and eagerness to adapt new things
  • a passionate longing to take your vocation to the following level
  • Essential Programming and Python Programming Basics


Become a Master in Data Visualization with Python 3 and get businesses’ one of the most mentioned aptitudes of 21st Century! A specialist level Data Science Professional can win least $100000 (that is five zeros after 1) in the present economy.

This is the most complete, yet straight-forward course for the Data Visualization with Python 3 on Udemy! Regardless of whether you have never worked with Data Visualization, definitely know nuts and bolts of Python, or need to gain proficiency with the propelled highlights of Leather with Python 3, this course is for you! In this course we will show you Data Visualization with Python 3, Jupyter, and Leather .

(Note, we likewise give you PDFs and Jupyter Notebooks in the event that you need them)

With more than 25 addresses and more than 4 hours of recordings, this far reaching course investigates every possibility in showing you Data Visualization with Python 3 and Leather!

Who this course is for:

  • Information Science Professionals: Data Scientists and Data Engineers
  • Researchers, Mathematicians, Physicists, and Engineers
  • Engineers and Programmers
  • Directors and Business Professionals
  • Any individual who needs to learn

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